Sustainable Collection

Our “Why”:

Our sustainable products are something we’ve been working tirelessly on over the past 12 months. Growing up in a small coastal town in Dublin, we now more than ever appreciate the environment we grew up in. We are actively moving in the right direction to do our part in living a cleaner, more sustainable life. Small steps can lead to big changes.


While designing our sustainable collection, we used recycled ocean plastics to create our fabrics. All fabrics used in our new range are sustainable. 


  1. How much is recycled? Depending on the garment, the composition varies. For our Clean Contour & Clean Compression the mix is 78% recycled polyester/22% elastane. The Beanies are 100% recycled polyester. 
  2. How do we recycle plastics into fabric? Recycled polyester is made from recycled plastic which cuts out the need for petroleum and coal extraction. The process takes plastic waste which is then shredded into flakes by a machine. Those flakes are melted down into pellets, then the pellets are extruded into yarn. The yarn is then knitted, cut, and sewn into clothing just like any other yarn. To reduce our environmental impact. 
  3. How does recycled material feel? – It’s not stiff or crunchy and to be honest, it’s nothing like what you’d expect. It’s soft, silky and breathable. It’s comfortable and durable and simply looks and feels just like our regular fabrics.
  4. How do the garments Fit? If you know how our regular New Dimensions Active leggings fit, these are NO different. The same amazing fit as always!!
  5. Functionality? The functionality does not change. From walking the dog, to your high intense workouts this range is fully functional for all your needs.