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Agreement with Terms and Conditions. The following terms and conditions apply to every person who establishes an internet connection to NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE. By using NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE, you are agreeing to comply with all of the terms and conditions listed here. Terms listed in all areas apply.
Photography/ Filming in Progress

Please note that filming/photography is taking place at all events. The photographs and recordings made are likely to appear on our website & social medias.

If you would prefer not to be photographed please let the photographer know.

For further information contact: info@newdimensionsactive.ie

Changes in Terms and Conditions. Events produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE has the right to change or discontinue any feature of https://newdimensionsactive.ie/ and/or change the terms and conditions for using it at any time. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon notice.
USES AND REFUNDS: No refunds or exchanges for any reason. No Exceptions.
LIABILITY: Anyone who attends the events produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE, does so at their own risk and will hold the following organizations and individuals harmless and not liable for any bodily injury or personal property loss anytime prior to, during, or following the event. This list includes but is not limited to NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE, Staff, Volunteers, Vendors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and any other entities involved in the production of the events produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE.
PHOTO/ AUDIO/ VIDEO: Content such as photos, audio and video will be captured during the entire event produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE. Much of this content may be used in the future for promotional purposes. By attending the NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE event, you are giving up any rights you might have with regards to these photos and will be deemed as having given permission for use of the same.
THE PROGRAM IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE: Occasionally, due to illness or some other reason, a speaker or musician may have to cancel or change the time of their appearance. The event produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE does not guarantee that the program will happen as advertised, and is permitted to make changes and substitutions as it deems best.
DAY TICKET HOLDERS: Day tickets are valid for the event day only.
ENTRY AGREEMENT: Registrants must sign in on the day prior to accessing the event. Registrants must provide their email, phone number and full name.
Events produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE is not responsible for spelling errors.
Events produced by NEW DIMENSIONS ACTIVE  reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.