Filippo Pesaresi

Filippo Pesaresi started CrossFit to keep competing and challenging himself after 10 years of playing professional Olympic handball. He is by nature a very enthusiast person and he loves to bring that energy and enthusiasm into his coaching. Filippo really enjoys training with his crew in C2F and he is always the loudest in the room COMDOOO.

What is his current goal: Filippo’s goal for 2023 is to qualify again for the CrossFit semifinals and the aim is get to get in into the top5. His long Term goal is to be able to compete for the podium in one of the major events.

CrossFit Achievements:
-The French Throwdown Team 2019
-Filthy150 Team 2019
-Madrid CrossFit Championship 2021
-CrossFit Games team semifinals 2020 and 2021

Check out his content through his Instagram page – @filmeister

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